End of Life Care Support Offered in Waco, TX

Comfort Keepers can help families with exceptional end of life care as well as team up with their senior's third-party palliative care provider

Perhaps more than any other type of care, end of life care is the most difficult. Not only must you provide care for the needs of your loved one, but you must also care for your family and the home as well. At a time when you want to spend the most amount of time possible with your loved one, the demands are higher than ever. When it feels as though you must put your own feelings aside to help your loved one and the rest of the family, it might be time to get help with this difficult time. Comfort Keepers offers care for seniors that have reached the end of their life, and can partner with their existing palliative care team. At a time when their care needs are likely more than any other time, we can help support them and the family to make this time a bit easier to manage.

Bring Your Loved One Home

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions families must struggle with is the ability to bring their loved one home to live out the rest of their limited lifespan. As much as you may want your loved one close in your care if you have other responsibilities it can be difficult to balance their need's with the rest of your family’s needs.

With help from Comfort Keepers in Waco, TX you do not have to make a choice between the two. You can bring your loved one home with the people they love, and still juggle a full life. Our caregivers can provide end of life care that not only supports your loved one but will help you to manage life at this most difficult time. We are there to help with your loved one’s care, but we are available to help where needed to give you the time you need to say goodbye.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help with End of Life Care

If you could use help with the task of caring for your loved one and extra help around the house, we are there to help support both you and your loved one. Here are a few of the tasks we perform for end of life care services:

  • Companionship for your loved one
  • Bathing, dressing, and toileting assistance
  • Help with housekeeping and laundry
  • We can help with meal preparation
  • Support of palliative care services

We Are There for You

We are there for you through this entire process, including after your loved one has passed. We can provide emotional support for the family and help with dealing with personal items and belongings. Let us provide you with the physical and emotional help you need to make it through this time. Contact us online anytime or give us a call at (254) 523-0186 to learn more about all of our services and to schedule a free in home consultation to see what our end of life care services can do for you and your loved one.  




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